Its that time of year when the high school girls are looking for that perfect prom dress.  I love going out to eat and seeing all the high school kids all dressed up for prom.  If you have a daughter or granddaughter looking for the perfect dress then you will want to check out JJsHouse they have beautiful dresses for ALL occasions!  They have some of the most beautiful prom dresses I’ve ever seen:    Right now they also have a special save 55% on weekly special + 70% on shipping this offer is good until March 20th so don’t miss it!
prom dress 3

I have all boys so when the time comes we will be getting suits or tuxes or whatever it is the boys wear to prom these days.  If I had a daughter I would love doing all the girly dress shopping.  After looking though all their dresses I’d have an incredibly hard time picking out just one dress to be my favorite.  I‘d have to say the one in the picture below is one of my favorites. I love the dresses that you can still move and dance in!  

prom dress 2

I love that the dresses come in a variety of colors so you can choose which you like best!  I love the color of the dress in the picture but back in high school I would have picked a pretty blue color.

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  1. JJsHouse has such an awesome collection! Makes me wish I was going to prom!

    • Stacey I was telling my husband about all the pretty dresses and he looked at me very seriously and told me I couldn’t go to prom lol

  2. I like buy dress at JJsHouse. Because it has such an awesome collection. and website also have some pretty dresses.

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