Purses.tv review

I LOVE this purse.  I can’t tell you how much I love it!  I received this purse from www.purses.tv

Are you rough on your bags? You’ll like this very stylish purse. Not only does it sport the cowgirl look, it’s just as tough. It has a thick-skinned outer layer of faux leather. Reinforced holes on the purse support the heavy-duty chain, so no more detaching! The strap also has a section of matching fabric for comfort on the shoulders. Pockets on both ends means either way you’re bag is facing, you’ll be able to grab whatcha need. The cool snap on the front resembles a fashionable horse-shoe belt buckle, too! It has metal feet on the under carriage for better protection of your valuables to boot! What a great way to let your personality shine through.

I take this purse EVERYWHERE I love that it has the zipper inside and the snap front for extra security.  When I read the description and the first words were “Are you rough on your bags?” I thought is was written just for me!   With two small boys my bags are always being jumped on pulled across the floor.  This bag can handle it all!  I love the metal feet on the bottom so I don’t have to worry about the bottom getting all nasty from the floor.
www.purses.tv has so many cute purse styles to choose from.  You can search for the perfect purse either by design, color or type which ever fits you best with over 80 designs to choose from!!  The prices are AWESOME for the fantastic quality.    Stop by their site and check out all the beautiful bags for yourself! 🙂

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