Rosetta Translation worldwide translation services

Rosetta Translation worldwide translation services.

Rosetta Translation specializes in providing accurate legal translations using only legal professionals as well as legal translators and proofreaders with professional qualifications in legal translations and related fields.

They are a translation services headquartered in London, UK. They specialize in high-quality translations for corporate clients, including legal translation, such as contracts, both for corporate and legal firms. Currently, 8 of the 10 leading UK law firms are regular customers of theirs.

At Rosetta Translation one single project manager gets assigned to each client. After your initial sign-off for a project, s/he will guide you through all stages of our process in cooperation with your staff.

At Rosetta Translation, They have developed, enhanced, and implemented a standardized translation life cycle. Work starts well before a text arrives for translation, and continues after it has been delivered. By clearly defining efficient procedures, their quality system helps ensure best practice every time, minimizing problems and their potential consequences. In addition, any issues that do arise can be investigated and resolved quickly, and the necessary conclusions drawn and implemented.

Their process can be divided into:

  • Pre-assignment steps
  • The actual translation assignment
  • Post-assignment procedures

Their clients reap tangible benefits from long-term relationships with our company. These include advanced terminology and glossary management, which lead to substantial cost savings for our clients in the long run. They achieve these results through deploying the latest translation technology throughout their organisation.


Rosetta was founded with the aim of providing high-end translation services to corporate clients. They added interpreting services to their product offering in 2005 and transcription and subtitling in 2006.

Their rapid growth has been made possible by their unerring focus on delivering consistently high-quality work at competitive rates. They forge and maintain close partnerships with clients and offer flexible and innovative solutions to their specific language needs.

They have responded to their clients’ needs for integrated language services by adding a full range of document processing and printing services to their offering, giving clients ‘turn-key’ solutions to their language needs.

In order to further enhance their service to their clients, they have also added offices in New York, Paris, Luxembourg and most recently Shanghai to their head office in London. Client benefits from this global coverage include even better, faster services as well as their ability to offer truly integrated global solutions to their clients’ language requirements.


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