Schylling Toy Review

Schylling Toys was generous enough to offer 3 toys as a wonderful addition to the Savior Cents 2012 Holiday Gift Guide!

Here is a little bit about Schylling:
Since their founding over 30 years ago, they have been dedicated to bringing joy to all who play with their products.  They continue to specialize in Classic Toys. There is timelessness to Schylling toys. Continually updating their products allows them to never go out of style.

Schylling was founded in 1975 by Jack Schylling, a recent Harvard grad who felt he wasn’t cut out for office work. He began selling toys as a street vendor at Quincy Market, and grew Schylling into a 60-person company that includes two of his brothers, David (the chief executive) and Tom (the chief financial officer).

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Brio® Ant With Egg:

The Brio Ant with Egg  is hard working little friend is not only pulling his weight but an egg too! Pull the string and see the egg rotate on the ant’s back.   This is a very high quality pull toy with great developmental interest for all ages! The tail and head wobbles as the egg rotates to the speed that it is being pulled. Bright colors! For early childhood skills. Very Durable and well made.




Brio® Classic Figure 8 Set:


A classic starter set for the 2 year + child with all wooden details. Take the classic inspired engine out on an adventure along the tracks. Stop by at the all wooden station and continue along the tracks passing by trees and a crossing bridge. Lots of fun for the youngest drivers! Ages 2+.  I know both Isaiah and Jude are absolutely going to love this!  They both love toys like Thomas the Train and Chuggington so they will love playing with their very own toy train set!  The train set is very well made with great colors.





Make your bike look and sound like a MOTORBIKE with the Turbospoke!   Ever put cards in the spokes of your bike as a kid? The Turbospoke does one better. It uses specially designed replaceable cards that flick in the spokes of the bike. The sound is then channeled through the chrome acoustic chamber to create a GROWL people will notice.  My husband has been wanting a motorcycle for years.  The whole family has been involved in all his searching..  This is going to be a great way for Devin, my 11 year old step son to turn his bike into something cool!  I think all 3 of the boys will get a kick out of this.  This will make a great gift for any child, teen, and adult!

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