Send your child a personalized letter from SANTA!

My dad always had letters for my brother and I for Christmas and now that I have children he sends them to my boys!  I remember being a little girl and being so excited to read my letter from Santa!  

Get a personalized letter from Santa to your child.
Letter includes:
* Your child’s name, home town, and best friends name.

* Postmarked from the North Pole and mailed with a Santa stamp.

* Signed by Santa himself.

* High quality paper and stationary.

Also available – a “Good Boy/Girl Certificate” as well as
a follow up postcard from Santa sent after Christmas from

Santa’s favorite vacation spot.

This letter makes a great keepsake and was enjoyed by thousands

of children and parents from all over the country last year.

It makes a fantastic and affordable gift.

If you buy 2 letters you get the third letter free!

Got more than 1 child? That’s okay, we have several different letters

available so that each child gets their own special letter.


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  1. Awwww….these are so cool! I’m gonna get one for my son!

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