Sofa Shopping

Right now our house is full of hand me down furniture.  We are starting to save up and get furniture that fits OUR style!  I am excited to start looking at furniture for our living room.  The first thing I am trying to find is a sofa.  I want a very comfortable sofa  that will be able to stand up to my kids.   There are so many different types of sofas out there its hard to decide which is best for us.  We have a small living room right now but are hoping to one day buy a house of our own with a larger living room.  I would love to have a sectional or corner sofa.  I need something that will seat at least three people and leave me room to add a love seat and rocker to comfortably fit our family of five.
With three boys in the house plus our dog I need something that is easy to clean!  Right now we have a pleather couch and love seat which is easy to clean but they are old and getting a little dingy.  Leather is great when it comes to cleaning it, you can just wipe it down, but for me I don’t find it the most comfortable.  What I really love are the corner sofas that are partially leather and partially microfiber.  I absolutely love the look of the different fabrics together in different shades of creme and brown.  I love sitting here looking at all the wonderful sofas and dreaming about how they will look in my living room.

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  1. Mine is full of hand-me downs too! Good Luck!

  2. I have a lot of old furniture too, and some rooms that are lacking all together. Good luck finding furniture!

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