Why Spend Your Holiday on Muay Thai Training in Thailand

Do you think that spending your holiday in a camp where you have to perform strenuous exercises and sweat all the time is a good idea? The answer is probably no, but this is expected because we have not told you all the details.


We are not talking about some kind of boring gym activity that lasts from early morning till night. We are suggesting Muay Thai training in the beautiful country of Thailand. As you are probably aware, Thailand is a super attractive holiday destination located in Southeast Asia. This country has been visited by more than 50 million people in the last ten years and this number is growing all the time. Thailand is known for many things, but most people are amazed by the sandy beaches, crystal clear waters of the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand, the hospitality of Thai people, their amazing culture and interesting nightlife. However, in the recent period more and more people are fascinated by one traditional activity of many Thai people – Muay Thai training. content

Although this is an official sport in which hundreds of professional fighters from all over Thailand participate, we are not talking about training for professional purposes. Most Muay Thai training camps have special programs for students that want to improve their current physical condition and boost their health. This is ideal for tourists that have spent most of the year sitting. This inactivity can lead to some serious problems, so using the holiday for this purpose is always a good idea.

Before we share more details we must say that this doesn’t mean that the students will have to spend most of the time in the training camp. As a matter of fact, depending on the program you have chosen, you will need to spend no more than 4 hours in the camp a day. The classes last between one and two hours and they are usually taken two times a day.

Muay Thai training is all about activating the body from the outside and inside. Of course, during this process the mind is not left inactive. You cannot find many sports like Muay Thai in which students work on both their upper and lower body and in which they trigger all muscles and joints. There are some special programs that provide full body workout, but they use many elements from different disciplines.

Muay Thai training in a camp at Suwitmuaythai is monitored by professional trainers who observe the progress and provide tips and advice to all students. They know how to push the limits of each student and help them feel the benefits of this training.

Increased muscle mass, improved cardiovascular health, better immunity, improved flexibility and mobility are some of the positive effects of Muay Thai training when it comes to the physical aspect. On the other hand, you can also expect better focus, better discipline, high self-esteem and de-stressing from these classes too.

If you want to join a Muay Thai training camp opt for one on an island because the natural beauty of Thailand can be experienced in the best way on an island.

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