Sun Protection Zone Product Review

I am always looking for ways to protect my kids from the sun and love the Short Sleeve Rash Guard shirts I received from Sun Protection Zone!  They are perfect for swimming at the pool or a day at the beach.

“Sun Protection Zone is one of the leading innovators of sun protective clothing and products since 2005. Over the past several years we have come out with multiple lines of 100% UVA & UVB maximum protection apparel and accessories for children and adults. Each year we unveil new products, some are unlike anything else on the market. We are always evolving the colors and designs of our classic lines to keep our customers looking and feeling fashionable while protecting themselves from the sun. Most of the products on our website are priced noticeably lower than our competitors, giving us the opportunity to sell affordable sun protective products of great quality and unique design.”

Sun Protection Zone carries other products,  you can get a shirt and/or shorts a whole body swim suit. They also carry different types of shirts for adults as well as hats for both kids and adults!

The day the  Short Sleeve Rash Guard’s came in the mail my 2 year old Jude wanted to put it on.  He was excited to wear his awesome new blue swim shirt!  It fit him perfectly!
I was so happy to see he loved wearing it at the beach and was protected from the sun.  I  love that it comes up on the back of his neck for extra protection!
My boys love to be outside and swim and knowing they are well protected from the sun makes me one happy mom!
Jude is always digging out his swim shorts and shirt and ready to go to the pool!

Here are some highlights about the Short Sleeve Rash Guard: 

  • SunSkinz™ UV protective clothing is tightly woven with proprietary high-density yarn
  • 100 SPF / UPF 50+ rated
  • Four way stretch fabric is comfortable to wear and dries quickly
  • Excellent resistance to chlorine and salt water
  • Lightweight all seasons wear
  • Machine washable on delicate cycle or hand wash using cold water and a mild detergent.  Rinse thoroughly and hang dry out of the sun.

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