Superfly kids super hero capes

My boys are really into super heroes so getting their own capes was super exciting! Jude and Isaiah are also working on spelling their names so having their first initial on the capes made it even more exciting.
I received one cape for Isaiah to review and was very impressed with it and I ordered one for Jude.
My boys have been super protective of me lately and always go to the back yard before I do to make sure they beat up all the bad guys and its safe for me to come out! 😉
SuperFlyKids offers a wide variety of predesigned capes as well as tons of great options to customize them!  I loved the little lightening bolts and added the first letter of each of their names!  I was also able to pick out ALL the colors I wanted used.
The boys are my very own super heroes!
These would make excellent Halloween costumes, however my kids love to run around the house in them ALL the time!
wpid-C360_2014-02-10-12-12-43-850.jpg wpid-C360_2014-02-10-12-12-06-841.jpg

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