Every year I (Lori) do our taxes using Turbo Tax.  Well this year isn’t going to be any different!  Last year I had some issues filing my taxes (My husband filed self employed last year) and Turbo Tax Customer Service was WONDERFUL!  I got to talk to someone on the phone who walked me though exactly what I needed to do to correctly prepare my taxes!  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND TURBO TAX TO ANYONE!! 🙂

With TurboTax you’ll get your biggest tax refund guaranteed, with 100% accurate calculations, free help, and step by step guidance so you are confident your taxes are done right. Join the TurboTax Affiliate program and see the earning power of tax season! TurboTax is the #1 Rated, Best-Selling tax software brand year after year.

*Note: I am not giving you tax advice, but merely expressing my opinion on what I have done in the past and what works for me.

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