TinySuperHeroes Cape Review

TinySuperheroes.com is an AMAZING site!   Every month they choose a cause and that month focus on raising awareness and money to a foundation that is helping that cause.  This month they are spreading awareness for Congenital Heart Defects, which is very close to my heart since my 3 year old has a CHD.  For every coffee cup purchased (they are $22) $5 will be donated to Mended Little Hearts.
Both of my boys have been though different surgeries for medical reasons.  My 4 year old has been though 2 mouth surgeries with at least 1 more coming for bilateral cleft lip and palate.  My 3 year old only has half of a functioning heart and has been though 3 open heart surgeries.
The Tiny Super Hero Squad was nice enough to send each of them a cape with a personalized little note attached that said
Super Jude-   We hope this cape makes you feel like the Tiny Super hero you are!  Welcome to the squad.
I read each of them their little note and they both just lit up.  My 4 year old was so excited “Mom we are part of the Hero Squad!”
They immediately put on their capes and took off running around the house to fight off all the “bad guys”.

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These capes are super soft and have Velcro to fasten it loosely around their necks.  They “fly” around the house keeping me safe from all “evil” and have so much fun while they are doing it! 🙂
You can also purchase a Personalized Cape for Any Child (Super Sidekick)!
At TinySuperHeroes.com you can also sponsor a super hero.  For $30 you can send a tiny super hero a cape and the squad w introduce you to your new TinySuperhero so you can continue to watch them soar!
You can follow them on Facebook here and learn about many of their tiny squad memebers!

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  1. Awww That is super cute! And I love how they give to those precious children in need. It is awesome to see a company who cares that much!

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