Twigtale personalized book review

Until a few weeks ago I had never heard of Twigtale personalized books.  Now that I have been introduced to them I just love them and want to share them with everyone.  Twigtale is a small company that makes personalized children’s books focused on early transitions (e.g., new sibling, starting school, moving, pet loss, parents go on a trip, potty, etc…), as well as, cute “anytime” titles that build self-esteem and promote child development. What makes Twigtale unique is that our books are written by child development experts.
I was able to do a book that included both of my boys.  I got to personalize it with their names, pictures, and the names of family members.  All books are $20 and available on
When this book came in the mail Isaiah and Jude were grinning from ear to ear…it was a book for them about all the many people that love them.  They couldn’t wait to sit down and read it and see all the pictures.
wpid-C360_2014-03-03-19-42-31-120.jpg wpid-C360_2014-03-03-19-43-05-799.jpg   With in the first hour of having the book I think we read it about 100 times. 🙂
After I was finished with the pictures and names in the book I was able to post a preview link for my family and friends to see.  For me this was fantastic because a lot of my family lives in another state and this would be the only way they could see it.
My mother and sister in law were very quick to comment on how cute it was and they loved that the boys could look at it and see how loved they are!  My mother in law just loved it.  She commented on how beautiful it is.
This is a very good quality book (I have to rough and tough boys and its still in excellent shape)  I would highly recommend looking into these amazing books for ALL the little ones in your lives, especially any going though any transitions in life that they are having trouble dealing with.
With all of these books you can preview what they will say and the basic layouts.
Stay up to date with their facebook page so you don’t miss any great deals or promotions:

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  1. awww thats cute! I love how you can add real photos to personalize it! Wish I had books like this when I was a kid!

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