Uncle Milton Review – Iron Man

For Christmas my 3 year old, Jude, wanted everything Iron Man. So when the Uncle Milton company allowed me to choose 2 items to review the Wild Walls Full Power Aerial Pursuit was my first choice. As soon as he unwrapped it he wanted it out of the box and on his wall. I think Isaiah, my 4 year old, was just as excited. This has been a test of their patience because they have had to wait till their bedroom was all painted. We just finished their room and next week we will get this up as their first decoration.

iron man  wild walls

Create an awesome light and sound experience on your wall! Use the decals to design the Iron Man Full Power Aerial Pursuit scene! Blue energy ray light effects, just like Iron Man’s Repulsor Ray technology, gently fade in and out, illuminating your wall. With flying combat sound effects, the synchronized light and sounds bring the scene to life!


  • Iron Man decal is over 23 inches high
  • Light effect spreads over 20 sq. feet
  • FX Activator mounts easily to the wall with included hardware
  • Auto shut-off.

Check out a video for the Iron Man Full Power Aerial Pursuit by clicking the link below:
Uncle Milton Wild Walls – Full Power Aerial Pursuit (small)

Now as most of you know my 3 year old recently went through his 3rd open heart surgery.  Before his surgery we did what we could to try to prepare him for what was to come.  With him being a big fan of Iron Man we talked about how Tony Stark had to have the Arc Reactor to help his heart.  Jude was excited he was going to get his heart worked on just like Iron Man.  I looked and looked for an Arc Reactor toy for him and I can’t tell you how excited I was to find the Iron Man Arc Reactor Lab from Uncle Milton!!
Now I will admit this is to advanced for my 3 year old but he enjoys sitting with me while I try to figure out the puzzle and he LOVES when it lights up.

arc reactor

Now you can build your own Arc Reactor just like Tony Stark! Mix and match power chips to get different light and sound power reactions. Try all 24 combinations to find the full power-up with awesome light and sound effects. There’s a different power-up solution every time you play!


  • 24 power chip combinations
  • Different solution every time you play
  • 6 light and sound reactions
  • Room light mode with display stand
  • Educational poster about Iron Man and Real World science!

Check out a video for the Iron Man Arc Reactor Lab by clicking the link below:
Uncle Milton Marvel Science – Iron Man Arc Reactor Lab Video (small)


Uncle Milton has a ton of GREAT products to choose from weather your little one is into super heros, Disney  characters,  stars and even amazing firework light shows!!
Be sure to check out there amazing stuff at www.unclemilton.com
ou can also follow them to stay up to date at:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/unclemilton

Twitter: @unclemiltontoys

YouTube Channel: www.youtube.com/user/UncleMilton1

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