Do You Use Christmas Lights etc. All Year Round?

I love sitting out side with my husband in the evenings on the warm summer nights with my family.  I have been looking for ways to decorate and add light to our patio area.  Driving down the road the other day I noticed people had Halloween lights, Christmas lights etc. up instead of solar lights.   I have fallen in love with that idea.  Some friends of ours even took a string of lights and hung them around their outdoor umbrella.  While we enjoyed an bbq dinner on their patio we got to enjoy the lovely lights as well. With the dark color of the umbrella the lights mimicked the starts in the sky.  This idea was brilliant and as soon as we get a picnic table and umbrella I will be copying it! 🙂
While learning more about Christmas lights on Wikipedia  I found that the first known electrically illuminated Christmas tree was the creation of Edward H. Johnson.  He had Christmas tree light bulbs especially made for him. He proudly displayed his Christmas tree, which was hand-wired with 80 red, white and blue electric incandescent light bulbs the size of walnuts on December 22, 1882 at his home on Fifth Avenue in New York City.  How great would walnut sized red, white and blue lights be for this coming 4th of July.  They would definitely add to any party!  I just love decorating my house for every holiday.  Adding lights to each occasion will be something I start this year.
I’m currently planning my 3 year old son’s Indiana Jones themed party.  I think I will be using a few strings of lights to help decorate the house and yard for him and all of his friends.   They will make some good sparkling “gold” in the goldmine they will all climb though on their treasure hunt! 🙂
When you think about it there are really so many things you can do with Christmas lights, all you have to do is get your creative brain going.

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