Valic Salary Reduction Agreement

SRAs are subject to the fixed pay cut date. Salary reduction agreements concluded until the 15th of the month are processed during the current month. Salary reduction agreements received after the 15th will be processed the following month. Eugene 4J has two types of salary reduction agreements. A form is intended for administrative and certified staff. The other form is for classified employees. Please click below on the correct PDF form: Remember that you are only allowed to select 2 providers for current messages. Send your SRA form with a copy of the documentation you have configured from the supplier to: Eugene Public Schools 4J Benefits Office 200 North Monroe Street Eugene, OR 97402-4295 Please refer to the current list 403 (b) of suppliers here on the CCC website. Pdf Printer-Friendly version 403 (b) PDF Supplier List is also available here on the CCC website. If you want to start creating contributions to a new creditor, you must complete a contract application with the new creditor, create a copy of that application or other documentation in which the account was created, and attach a copy of that documentation to your new salary reduction agreement. See 403 (b) Registration procedures here on the CCC website.

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