What is a Shadow Shopper??

ShadowShopper I would absolutely LOVE to be a shadow shopper but I’m not sure I have what it takes. I love the fact that you can get paid to shop or free servicing on your car for just filling out some paperwork but I haven’t taken the plunge to do it yet. My brother in law has done it for years and loves it!

What is a Shadow Shopper?

A shadow shopper, otherwise known as a mystery shopper or secret shopper, is a person hired to pose as a customer in order to evaluate business performance. More than 1 million people work as secret shoppers worldwide, according to Good Morning America.

What is the typical pay like for a mystery shopping assignment?
The pay for a mystery shop (including purchase reimbursement) may range from about $10 or $20 on up to $50, $100 or more. Fees will depend on the time required, difficulty, etc. The time required to complete a shop and fill out the form may be a few minutes to an hour or longer. Below we’ve provided some general information to use as a rough guide. Keep in mind that this is just a very small list of the different types of assignments that exist.

What kinds of businesses use mystery shoppers?
Any business which deals with the public may use mystery shoppers-stores, restaurants, banks, hotels, salons, home builders, apartment complexes, gas stations, casinos, auto dealers, auto service centers, movie theaters, health clubs, pet stores, amusement parks, optical providers and more. You can get paid to get your hair cut or your eyes examined, have dinner, go to the bank, have your car worked on or fill up the gas tank, watch a movie, get your dog groomed, and lots of other things you like to (or have to) do.

If you think you would like to give Shadow Shopping a call head over HERE to check it out. Let me know if you Like shadow shopping!


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