Pudding Slime/ Play-dough

This past week for science we did a small project….Pudding Slime/ Play-dough. We started out with the intent of making slime but in the end it was more like playdough. First we only used 3 ingredients. 1/4 cup instant pudding mix 1 cup corn starch 1/3 cup warm water Add the instant pudding mix to 1/2 of […]

DIY Super Hero Cape!

Do you have a little one that wants to be a Super Hero for and needs a cape but the budget is tight??  Then you need to check this out!!With Halloween just around the corner I’ve been trying to find ways to get my kids costumes on a budget.  My 4 year old goes back […]

Beet Dyed Pillow Case

Make a stylish new pillowcase with your kids! Supplies: 1 cotton pillowcase 2 medium beets 2 cups white vinegar Large pot Rubber bands Instructions: Prepare your pillowcase by mixing two cups of vinegar with eight cups of water in a large pot. With the help of a grown-up Sprout, simmer your cotton pillowcase on low […]

Kid’s Craft: Let’s Make Some Homemade Gak! It’s Squishable Sqeezeable fun!

My daughter told me the other day that we needed to make some homemade Gak. It is every kids biggest dream to have mass quantities of Gak!! It is the incredible, squishable, squeezeable, squashable, stretchable, bounceable, ploppable, poppable stuff. You pick it up and your cannot put it back down!! The downfall to Gak is the […]

Homemade Chalk

Homemade Chalk Difficulty: Easy Age: 4 and up What you’ll need: Aluminum foil if you are using a toilet paper tube (or petroleum jelly if you’re using an ice cube tray) Disposable plastic container Plaster of Paris Toilet tissue tube (or an ice cube tray to create smaller chunks for younger hands) Duct tape Liquid […]

Shape Stencils

Shape Stencils Supplies Plastic coffee lids Paper Markers Paint Paint brush Safety scissors Instructions Draw various shapes on different coffee lids. Using safety scissors, cut the shapes out of the lid. Place the new stencils onto a piece of paper and paint inside the area. Use different stencils to make different shapes all over the […]

Make Your Own Microphone

Make Your Own Be the emcee of your own show with this crafty microphone! Supplies 1 cardboard tube (from roll of toilet paper) Aluminum foil Streamers or ribbons Construction paper Crayons Any other decorations, glitter, and stickers All-purpose white glue or tape Safety scissors Instructions Decorate your cardboard tube with paper, crayons, glitter, stickers, or […]

Big Blue Sea Felt Aquarium Craft

Big Blue Sea Felt Aquarium Craft Create an indoor aquarium out of felt! This colorful, fun kids craft will be super fun to make for every preschooler. Supplies 1 large blue sheet of felt Sheets of felt, in various colors Markers Safety scissors Instructions 1. Use the markers to draw your Aquarium wildlife of the […]

Home Made Drumsticks

Homemade Mallets: We’ve got nothing against using wooden spoons for drumming, or plain old hands for that matter. In fact, we’ve even seen a percussively useful foot or two! But if your child craves a bona fide mallet, these are a snap to make. Click here for instructions on how to make a homemade drum […]

Homemade Drum

This easy-to-make instrument just can’t be beat — no, wait, it can! It provides even the youngest musicians with a wonderfully rich and resonant sound. Click here for instructions on how to make the mallet drumsticks. What you’ll need Large, cylindrical oatmeal container Craft knife Tyvek (what no-rip envelopes are made of; available at your […]