Setting a Cleaning Schedule

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I have been really trying to set up a good schedule for keeping my house clean. It is hard to do with my husband working shift work. When he is on night shift and home sleeping I have to stay quiet and can’t get everything done I had planned. So setting a schedule has been almost impossible but I’m still trying. 😉
With a family of 5 it seems like laundry and dishes are never ending. I try to load the dishwasher every night so it is ready to unload in the morning and start another day of dirty dishes. My goal is to have two days for laundry like Tuesdays and Thursdays but that hasn’t fully happened yet but I will get there. I would like to set different rooms for different days. Living room on Monday, bedrooms on Tuesday, kitchen on Wednesdays (perfect to do the day before trash day so I can throw out all the old food), bathrooms on Thursday that leaves me with Friday, Saturday and Sunday with NO CLEANING except for getting my boys to clean their bedroom.
The other job that seems never ending is dusting. Dust ALWAYS seems to be around. I can dust one day and it will be back all over my book shelves a day or two later. We change our air filters regularly but dust still seems to be everywhere.   I have seen different videos about how some vacuum cleaners shoot the dust back out into the air and around the room, but they are always videos trying to sell other, very expensive vacuum cleaners. I have also read that it is important to beat the dust out of rugs but that is very difficult with a large 8×10 area rug. So with it being the only form of carpet in the house I guess I need to invest in a decent vacuum to clean it.
Did you know that your bedding can be a cause for dust in the house. I really never knew, I wash our sheets about every two weeks but plan on putting them on the schedule for one of my laundry days every week to dry to cut down on the dust all over the house. I will also start taking our pillows out to try to get some of the dust out of them as well. I am really hoping by doing these things I will cut down on the dust in our house and make my job of cleaning a bit easier.
Do you have a cleaning schedule for your house?

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