Confidentiality Agreement In Deutsch

A confidentiality agreement, including the declaration of confidentiality, confidentiality agreement, confidentiality agreement, NDA (non-disclosure agreement) or CDA (abk. for engl. confidential disclosure agreement), is a contract that sets a silence on negotiations, the outcome of negotiations or confidential documents. The obligated agrees to keep secret the information he has made available to him. Unlike industrial secrecy, which is enshrined in law, the confidentiality agreement is a contractual freedom. Translate the text of each app or website into a single click Results: 76. Exactly: 76. Processing time: 395 ms. A confidentiality agreement can also be part of a co-optition. © 2013-2020 Reverso Technologies Inc.

All rights reserved. In Germany, confidentiality agreements between the employer and the worker must be limited to direct business interests. In the United States, confidentiality agreements covering all company events are permitted. However, some companies have put an end to such regulations under pressure from the #MeToo movement. [1] Confidentiality declarations are often signed as part of patent negotiations in the licensing process. Signing a confidentiality agreement comes before the development of the license agreement, as this can only be done after the disclosure of partially sensitive data. Another application applies to confidentiality agreements in the event of a business acquisition or merger. These confidentiality agreements should not be confused with patents. A patent protects a technical process or technical product by publishing its contents. Confidentiality agreements are appropriate for the non-proliferation of any type of information.

Frequent application cases for confidentiality agreements:.

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