Father’s day gift ideas for any budget!

Are you still looking for that perfect Father’s day gift?  Check out these awesome gift ideas that are great to fit ANY budget:

The Covington V Neck T-Shirt (3 Pack) is great gift for any father. The comfortable, tag free V-neck matches with any outfit and is perfect for the summer months. These shirts can be found at www.sears.com for $12.99.

My husband ALWAYS wears his white t-shirts under his polo shirts and dress shirts..so theses are ALWAYS on my gift list for him!

Treat your father to these AVIA AVI-Bolt XZR running sneakers. These comfortable and trendy sneakers cost $100 and will provide full support no matter what the activity. Check out www.avia.com for additional styles.

Now that my husband is wanting to train for triathlons he is needing some good shoes..these will be perfect!

The Everlast Men’s Track Jacket is the perfect gift for those workout dads. This stylish and functional jacket had you covered whether you’re running five miles or walking to the store. Find it at www.sears.com for $20.00.

This will be great for those cold months when my husband is out for a run.

Any father can make a splash in the Joe Boxer Men’s Tropical Swim Trunks. Featuring a tropical pattern, these comfortable shorts can provide your father with the perfect style for the entire summer. Find these swim trunks for $17.99 at www.sears.com.

These are great for the HOT Houston summer days when the family is hanging out at the pool! 🙂

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  1. These are awesome! Thanks for posting! I’ll definitely check out those shoes! My hubby needs some!

  2. Ruby Ragar says

    I like those shorts.

  3. Jennifer says

    Thanks for the great ideas!

  4. I’m loving the shorts!! Might have to grab a pair for the hubbie!! Thanks for sharing!

  5. In a panic about Father’s Day! Thanks for the ideas…. btw……Loving those shoes!!!!

  6. I always get my husband the ‘essentials’ too. White tshirts and undies! lol

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