Get Paid To Test Free Products from Mindfield!


Get paid to test out some really great products such as

body lotions and FREE diapers!!

Mindfield Online is another one of my favorite survey companies. I’ve tested a few products for them (they pay you and send you the product to test free!). I have even been offered some really high dollar surveys ($7 and $8!). Your opinion counts at MindField and is always rewarded!

Check out these comments others have left about Mindfield:

 “I’ve been active with Mindfield for 5 months now and am just starting my 5th product test for them, they don’t always have a high payout but it’s fun! And the new products have always been stuff that fit into my normal routine, just meaning they’ve been straightforward and nothing that takes an excessive amount of time. I’ve found the quicker you’re able to get to the survey the more likely I am to qualify — if I’ve gotten 2 emails about surveys, one 5 minutes ago and the other 8 hours ago, most likely the email from 8 hrs ago will already have my quota group filled.”

“I’ve only been with Minefield for a couple of months now. I didn’t hear from them the first month i signed up. Then the second month they started sending me surveys. I love them. They have already sent me my first test products. I have taken three surveys for them and they have given me everything they said they would. Hang in there. Be patient they are worth it.”

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 IMPORTANT: confirm in the email they will send you. If you don’t get it, check your spam and tell your email it’s not spam! That way you won’t miss future opportunities from them.

NEXT:  After confirming in the email they send, fill out your profile so they can match you up with future product tests and money-making surveys!

MindField is an active member of some of America’s largest marketing associations. Survey panelists of Mindfield Online receive cash awards as well as entries into cash prize draws in exchange for their online survey participation.


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