Great Outfit Ideas for Moms on the Go


Great Outfit Ideas for Moms on the Go

Mom has so many rolls to play throughout the day: bus driver, nurse, teacher, hair dresser, the list goes on and on! Sometimes it is hard to imagine taking time out from all of those duties to dress well every day, but somehow, you see other moms on the street and celebrities in magazines who look fabulous, despite all of their other responsibilities. How do they do it?

Fortunately, it is not as difficult or as time consuming as it may seem for busy moms to look great and pulled together. All you need is the right tools to help you get their everyday quickly and easily. Here are some great outfit ideas for busy moms on the go.

Jeans, a jacket, a fitted T-shirt and flats

Jeans are a never ending battle for women when it comes to finding the right fit. However, you only need a few pairs of really good jeans, so you can splurge a little bit on the perfect pair that fits you well. Pair those with a great canvas jacket, either in a neutral like khaki or in a bright color for summer and spring and you have two great basics for any outfit. Moms can keep it simple and easy to move in with an embellished or graphic tee and cute ballet flats.

A casual dress, a cardigan and boots

The casual dress is a highly underrated item in a mom’s closet. The casual dress can be dressed down for day with boots and a cardigan, adding tights when it’s cold outside, or dressed up with heels and some jewelry for a night out. Not to mention that they are much more comfortable than many of the jeans that you cling so dearly too. Find a few easy, free-flowing cotton dresses that you can use all year round. Make sure that you buy the perfect fitting bra to make your dress fit its best around your curves.

A flattering swimsuit and a colorful cover-up

In the summer months, or when you go on your winter vacations to someplace warm, you will need a great beach outfit that will help you feel comfortable. If you try to put on something that you are not comfortable in, you will be self-conscious all day and you won’t be able to relax and enjoy the sunshine. Focus on your best features and highlight them. You can get some great swimwear that covers any imperfections and makes you feel beautiful. Add a colorful cover-up and you will be able to play in the sand with your kids all day long.

A casual skirt, knit top and sandals

Your days of the denim mini skirt are gone, but that doesn’t mean that casual skirts should be off limits forever. Look for casual skirts in denim, corduroy or tweed to keep the look easy and relaxed. Choose a longer hemline, just above the knee is usually perfect, and again pair it with that great fitting jacket and a cool knit top that fits you well.



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