Home Made Drumsticks

Homemade Mallets:

We’ve got nothing against using wooden spoons for drumming, or plain old hands for that matter. In fact, we’ve even seen a percussively useful foot or two! But if your child craves a bona fide mallet, these are a snap to make. Click here for instructions on how to make a homemade drum set.

What you’ll need

  • Self-adhesive craft foam
  • Chopstick or dowel
  • Tape

How to make it

  1. For each mallet, draw a narrow triangle (about 7 inches high and 11/2 inches across the bottom) onto self-adhesive craft foam. Cut it out.
  2. Remove the backing and attach the base of the triangle to one end of a chopstick or dowel so that’s it’s hanging off just slightly.
  3. Now wrap the foam around itself, crescent-roll-style. Place a thin strip of tape around the center of the roll to help hold it in place.

    Thanks to Spoonful for the awesome craft

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