Keeping Kids Healthy in the Winter

12194342_10156168462165263_1047344126_o Winter is just around the corner and that means cold and flu season is upon us.  We need to do all we can to help keep our families safe and healthy.  In our house we take extra precautions to stay healthy since our youngest son who is five has heart issues. He seems to get sick easier than other kids and his colds are always a little worse than my six year old. We take extra vitamin c and other great multivitamins to help keep our immune systems strong.  We are also trying to eat healthier meals.  Hand washing is a big one especially with having little ones in the house.  With both my little ones in school now I am trying to be sure they know to wash their hands often.  You also have to make sure they are properly washing their hands, the most popular suggestion is washing hands the length of time it takes to sing Happy Birthday twice.  I even went and got some little antibacterial wipes that come in cute little Spiderman packages from Dollar Tree that I have put in their backpacks and in my purse as well.   Also, when they cough I have worked with them to cover their mouths with the inside of their elbows instead of their hands to help reduce spreading of germs.
When winter rolls around I always notice my lips and skin always drys out and cracks this is because the cold air can’t hold much water before the water condenses.  During the winter the that air comes into your house and it warms up, it is very dry air.  The dry air wants to get moisture so it takes it out of your skin which often leads to chapped lips, nosebleeds and other issues. Humidifier therapy adds moisture to the air that helps to prevent dryness that causes irritation to the body. Humidifiers can be very effective in treating dry skin, dried out sinuses, sore throat, and dry, cracked lips as well as sinus congestion and dry cough. Some people will also use a humidifier to ward off common cold and flu symptoms.  Humidity is a natural moisture agent that relieves dryness.
As parents we do all we can to keep colds and sickness away from our kids.  It is impossible to keep them healthy all the time but we can take all the steps necessary.  Getting them to bed early, keeping things clean and eating right is a great start to staying healthy in the winter!


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