Prepare Your Child for Kindergarten!

Prepare Your Child for Kindergarten

This school year 2014 – 2015 my 5 year old will be starting school for the first time.  Kindergarten is a bit scary for both of us at this point.
As his mom, I’m worried he doesn’t know everything he should know for starting kindergarten.  I have so many “mom” worries.  Will he make friends, will he sit still and listen to the teacher, will he have fun and enjoy learning, and so many more.  I am working with my son to do what I can to help us both prepare for this new adventure in our lives.
Here are some great ways to prepare your child for kindergarten.

  1. Teach your child their basic information about himself such as the correct spelling of his name, his age, parents names and phone numbers (at least one parents number).
  2. Work on self help skills.  Teach your child how to hang their own jacket up,  tie their shoes.
  3. Fine Motor Skills.  Work with your child on holding a pencil.  One great trip I received is having my boys take a tweezers and move cotton balls from one container to another.  You could also give your child a pipe cleaner and some Cheerios (or similar, colorful cereal) to make bracelets or bird feeders. It requires you to pinch with your fingers, the same motion needed for grasping a pencil.
  4. Basic letter and number recognition.  My boys love playing with the alphabet magnets on the fridge.  They also have little foam puzzles that are each letter and the numbers 1 though 10.  Another great way to allow them to learn while having fun is playing games like I spy. “I spy with my little eye something with the letter P.”
  5. Read to your children.  I have been reading Dr. Seuss books to my boys.  While reading them we go over the different letters and what sounds they make.
  6.  Encourage your child’s independence in managing daily tasks such as helping out with household chores like setting the table.
  7. Drive past your child’s school.  Since school is out for summer take your child to the schools playground and allow them to play and explorer.
  8. You can also help your child prepare for the actual transition to kindergarten by talking about what will happen.  Explain what the new daily routine will be like.
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