United Voice Eba Agreement

As members of the Casino Union, we work together to democratically decide what we want to pursue when we negotiate with the company. Whether it`s fair wage increases, better job security or better conditions, union members are the decision-makers of our union. It`s time for members to hear your voice. PSAAG 7 release of 2011 PS and GO General AG 2011.doc . AG 13 – 2020 – NOTICE [FINAL] – Labourplus Security and United Voice (WA) Union Hire Labour Agreement 2020.docx Chief Commissioner P E Scott (published 16/11/2017) If you continue to get up or expect financial difficulties due to this period, please contact your Casino Union team to discuss support options available to you. AG 11-2019 – Wa Health System – United Voice – Nurses_ Assistants enrolled in Nursing_ Aboriginal and Ethnic Health Workers Industrial Agreement 2018 Notice.pdf AG 16-2020 – NOTICE – Shire of Victoria Plains (External Employees) Union Industral Agreement 2020.docx Chief Commissioner Beech on the 8 October 2008 (published 9/10/2008) . To facilitate this task, SkyCity union members will only attend a meeting during the position, as recommended by our office team. If you have any doubts about the availability of one of these meetings, please contact your organizer Patrick Claessen on 0400 332 191. . Communication s 41 Registered Nurses Widwives and Enrolled Mental Health Nurses IA 2007.doc Senior Commissioner S J Kenner (published November 3, 2016).

JobKeeper Your Casino Casino Union representatives have been in contact with SkyCity about possible changes in the company`s legitimacy for the JobKeeper wage subsidy. After discussions at the end of last week, we know that SkyCity is still eligible for JobKeeper. The result will be a reduction in tax rates, as set by the Liberal government. CHIEF COMMISSIONER SCOTT (Published November 20, 2020) We actively plan only members` meetings at work during the paid period, so that union members can discuss and decide our approach to our EBA. These meetings are expected to take place in the week of November 9. Exact schedules and locations are provided as soon as they are confirmed with management. . . . Communication NEW AGREEMENT – AG11 of 2011 Shire of Murray.doc . Note NEW ACCORD – AG 63 of 2009 MissionaryObeds Immaculate Virgin.doc .

. PSAAG 9-2020 – NOTICE – WA Health System – HSUWA – PACTS Industrial Agreement 2020.pdf AG 8 -2018 – Shire of Murray (Outside Workforce) Enterprise Bargaining Agreement Notice.pdf Notice New Agreement PSAAG 9 of 2010 Child Protection Wiese.doc Notice for NEW AGREEMENT – AG45of09 Congregation Presentation SistersNOPASSWORD1.doc . Communication NEW AGREEMENT – AG16 of 2011 Western Australia Police Traffic Wardens.doc AG 15-2019 – Shire of Yalgoo Employees Enterprise Agreement 2018-2021 – NOTICE.docx NOTICE NEW AGREEMENT -AG 62 of 2009 Edmund Rice.doc . AG 1-2019 – Government Services (Various) Allgemeine s. Vereinbarung 2019 – Mitteilung.pdf AG 49 von 2016 – Shire of Bridgetown – Greenbushes Outside Works Staff Enterprise Bargaining Agreement 2016.docx . Communication AG 15 of 2011 Rocky Bay Inc Indust Agree 2011.doc AG 7 – 2020 – City of Kalamunda Operational Workforce Agreement 2019.DOCX AG 14-2020 – NOTICE – Shire of Ravensthorpe Enterprise Bargaining Agreement 2020.docx . Communication AG 16 of 2008 Service of Correction Services Reg Nurses ANF IA.doc .

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