Water Delivery Agreement

There is no agreement on this radiator outside of this contract. The water cooler remains the property of Arbor Springs at all times, unless the customer purchases all costs incurred by Arbor Springs when withdrawing this equipment or recovering the amounts incurred, is paid by the customer. The customer grants a “limited right” to the reintroduction into the water cooler without the liability of Arbor Springs. An interest rate of 1 1/2% per month can be calculated on a outstanding balance. The balance of the monthly service charge for the first year is assessed on the account if the above agreement is broken. After the first year, a monthly agreement is in effect. The customer agrees to use the water refrigeration service at Arbor Springs Water Co., Inc. monthly with a minimum period of one year from the date and monthly price above. Payments are billed and due on a 30-day basis on a month-to-day basis. This contract may be terminated in writing by both parties after the first full year. Settlement and credit procedures are defined by Arbor Springs and amended from time to time. In signing, we agree to use only Arbor Springs products in connection with this water cooler and expressly accept the following conditions 1 to 6 which are our normal conditions. Price adjustments can be made at any time after at least one year.

The customer can buy the radiator at any time. Credit for purchase is allowed for three months of rent and deposits on invoice, less the balance due at the time of purchase. Arbor Springs will provide a radiator and service that complies with the manufacturer`s warranties. Arbor Springs will perform a routine annual clean-up or request if necessary. Additional cleaning is the customer`s responsibility for a small fee. The customer is fully responsible for the radiator and pays Arbor Springs for any exceptional damage. The customer will not remove the radiator from the original location without The permission of Arbor Springs.

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