Winslow Eba Agreement

17.12.2 when a fund, where an agreement between unions and employers does not make payments under this clause, which an employer pays to the fund on behalf of a worker, is deducted from the employer`s liability under this clause, payments to the worker are made in accordance with the Fund`s rules or an agreement on it, and the worker is entitled to the benefit of the fund or the increase, depending on the highest share. 33.2.3 In cases where a public holiday is located on another day of a weekend or other holiday, the provision of 33.2.1 may be amended by agreement between the employer and the majority of workers affected by this bonus, to provide that a day of annual leave may be granted on the day between holidays and/or weekends, if an employee or employer requests it. 26.3.2 b) Workers have the right to adjust to the employer, from the first of the month following the written notification without notice, the amount of contributions made on their own behalf. To the extent that employees, in agreement with the employer, may change their supplementary contribution in extumental circumstances at other times. PART 10 – MISCELLANEOUS MATTERS 41. LEAVE RESERVEDLeave is reserved for parties to apply for the inclusion in the arbitration award of provisions allowing a classification structure based on qualifications to be applied by appointment. APPENDIX A – MAJOR ROAD CONSTRUCTION PROJECT – VICTORIA1. APPLICATIONThe present appendix applies: workers who do compressed air work are paid at a fixed rate by mutual agreement between the employer and the majority of workers. 37.1.3 (c) This right is invoked on a day set by the employer after the initiation with the workers concerned, provided that any difference of opinion is resolved by the Commission.

In special circumstances and in agreement with the employer, the return to the right of ordinary residence may be made sooner or later at the prescribed time of delimitation, without altering the rights to the removal of the worker. The period of interruption provided by this clause may be extended by agreement between the employer and the workers concerned.

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