Winter Weather


For many the winter weather is here. Some have even experienced their first snow of this winter season.
This weather can really wreak havoc on a persons hair and skin. My hair always ends up a little dried out and frizzy during the cold weather months. I used to always go out and buy the hot oil treatments like the Vo5 hot oil that you can get at Walmart. Well not anymore now I will be using my own at home hair treatment that works just as well and saves me money!   Many facial cleansers can dry out your skin and then you have to spend more money buying lotion.  It seems like it can be a big expense keeping your skin healthy during the winter.  There are many things you can find in your house to help fight the effects the winter weather has on your hair and on your skin and save some money.  I am always trying out new at home beauty treatments that will keep my skin healthy.

snow covered house with large icicles
As well as keeping our bodies hydrated, healthy, looking and feeling good during the winter months we need to take care of our houses and property.  When the weather drops be sure to care for your plants by covering them or possibly bringing them in the house.  Check out the options for installing products made specifically to insulate water pipes.  A quarter of an inch of newspaper can provide protection and insulation to exposed pipes.  That small amount of newspaper provide remarkable protection in areas that typically do not have continual temperatures below freezing.  Before it gets cold its a good idea to run a check on your heating system.  Just a few days ago we called our local HVAC company and had them come run all the tests needed to make sure our heating system was running up to par.  It is always important to take care of your body and house all year round so be sure to check all around your house for possible problems before they become a problem.  Preventing the problem is the best way to save money!


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