Working out/ motivation

It’s funny through the years I have had my spurts where I am all into working out and getting into shape.  When I had both boys at home I signed up for a membership at the local ymca.  Well having to load both the little boys up and dealing with their fits when they got to the daycare was enough for me to say forget it.  Then we moved to our house and I was determined to do my workouts in the living room.  Well that being the place our family spends most their time that was a no go too. 

Now, all 3 of the boys are in school and my husband signed us up for a membership at 24 hour fitness I am enjoying my time at the gym so much.  I was a little nervous about using the different weight equipment but the past 2 days my husband has gone in with me and walked me through the different machines.   So the first hour or so after I drop my boys off at school I have a little time to focus on ME.  I can’t believe how just 2 weeks of working out have changed my attitude.  My body hasn’t changed to much physically yet I feel so much better about myself.  I think a big motivator is that we are paying a decent amount of money each month for this and there is no way I’m going to waste it!  I also want to be in better shape to be a better mom to my active boys!

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