Amazon App of the day for 10/3/2012

Arcana Defender  check it out HERE


Help the princess! – yeah, cliche… I know…- The Litch Lord has sent his minions after Princess Arcana.

Arcana’s Defender is a light, charming, and frantic adventure of magic and mayhem. Cast spells and summons to stop the oncoming hordes from taking Princess Arcana back to the Evil Litch Lord’s tower!

Arcana’s Defender utilizes simple one touch controls and combines elements of strategic defense games and arcade style shooters to bring fast-paced action and strategic game play to your device.

Play they way YOU want with 3 difficulty settings and a variety of spells and upgrades. From casual to hard core, there is a little something for everyone.

* 3 different terrains (The Meadows, The Swamps and The Desolate)
* 3 difficulty levels.
* Many kinds of enemies with their own weakness and resistances
* 28 upgrades to unlock
* Fight huge bosses for great rewards

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