Cereal Box Project Make a Neighborhood

Cereal-Box-Neighborhood Cereal Box Project Make a Neighborhood

Create a colorful neighborhood out of cereal boxes with this fun project. Decorate your very own neighborhood with stores, houses, and trees!


  • Cereal boxes (or cereal bar boxes, pasta boxes)
  • Cardboard tubes (from a roll of toilet paper)
  • Construction paper
  • Safety scissors
  • Markers
  • All-purpose glue stick
  • Tape


  1. Tape the flaps of the box closed.
  2. Using your glue stick, cover your box with construction paper.
  3. Using safety scissors, cut squares out of the construction paper to make windows and doors and attach.
  4. Use your markers to decorate your box and windows. If the box is going to be a store, write the name of the store on it.
  5. To make a tree, take a cardboard tube and cut a slit on opposite sides of one end of the tube.
  6. Cut a piece of green construction paper to look like the tree branches and insert the paper in-between the slits on the tube.
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