Diaries of a Potty Training Mom


Well a few days ago we had a set back.  Isaiah had a poop accident in his underwear and while I was getting stuff to clean him up he peed on the floor.  That was very traumatic for him.  After that he wore a diaper for 2 days..he did great keeping it dry..but it wasn’t until last night that he was ready to put underwear back on.  Last night after his bath he put the underwear back on but didn’t want a diaper for bed.  I didn’t push him to wear a diaper..he did FANTASTIC!! He has done great staying dry all night so I wasn’t to concerned about him not sleeping in a diaper.  He woke up first thing this morning asked to go potty and has done awesome!
On another subject we went to visit his plastic surgeon yesterday and they were very excited about his speech!

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