JORD Watch

A few weeks ago I received a JORD Watch from the Sully collection.


I was a little skeptical about a wooden watch but this watch is just beautiful!  The quality of the watch is amazing.  I’ve worn my watch out and I’m always getting asked about it.  People are constantly amazed that it’s a wooden watch.


The Red Sandalwood and Maple of the watch are just beautiful.

Different species of sandalwood are found around the world. Prized for its fragrance which it can retain for decades after cutting, the oil in sandalwood has been used for centuries in cosmetics, eastern medicine and religious ceremonies. JORD uses various species of sandalwood, each chosen for their unique and varying color tones. Red, black/brown, and green sandalwood can all be seen in our line.

The face of the watch is a little bigger than I am used to but it fits great and with the face being bigger it is easier to see. 🙂     They have a great variety of men’s and women’s watches to choose from.  Making a decision about which was the best fit for me was very difficult.  I am very very happy with what I chose.
I’m trying to get my husband to pick out his favorite so I can put it on the list of gifts I want to get him for his birthday.
Best Wooden Watch

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