Our Kitchen Makeover part 1

I have been working for what feels like MONTHS but has actually only been a few weeks on refinishing our kitchen cabinets.
At first I definitely had false expectations on how long it was going to take.  Due to kids and the weather it has been slow moving.  Yesterday I dedicated most of my day to working on the kitchen because I’m super excited to see the finished results.
My husband and I are planning on redoing our entire kitchen but are taking it one project at a time.
Refinishing the cabinets was the best place for us to start on a cost basis.
Here is our kitchen before I started this project:

wpid-20130917_180259.jpg wpid-20130917_180317.jpg
The first step I had to do was take down all the doors and drawers.  Then came time to strip the paint.  I have to admit although this is REALLY hard work I find it to be a lot of fun.
Here is a picture of the cabinet bases after I got the paint stripped off: (I just used Crown Semi-Paste Multi-Surface Remover from Lowes)


Then I had to sand down the bases:

Today my goal is to prime and paint all the insides.  If you look at the cabinets to the left in the picture those are painted a red color inside, that is the color the rest will be by the end of today.  Then I will work on staining the bases a midnight color.  The next step will be the doors and drawers then the other side of the kitchen.
After our cabinets are finished I will take a break and we will save up to do the next steps to get our kitchen the way we want it.
Have you ever stripped paint from cabinets?  I could use some advice for the doors and drawers..the best way to get around the molding?  🙂

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