Making more free time Part 1

So today I spent a little bit of time searching around for great meal plan ideas.  I want to find meals I can fix and then freeze for a later day.  I know lots of people do lasagnas but my husband doesn’t care for ricotta cheese or cottage cheese so I’m not sure how to pull that one off.
I found some great ideas from Crystal the Money Saving Mom.  I definitely will be trying out her Freezer-Friendly Brown Bag Burritros..they would make a GREAT lunch.
Another part of my adventure is I want to do more crock pot meals.  With that I found the perfect match for my goals Who Needs A Cape.  After finding her Cockpot freezer recipes I was in love!  I printed out about 25 different recipes and sat down with my husband and explained what I was going to be doing.
I warned him our next grocery bill is going to be higher then normal…however I am going to try to meal plan for a whole month.  Now when it comes to meal planning sometimes I’m just not in the mood for what was on the plan for that day so I’m very flexible.  I try to plan 8 or 9 meals for a 7 day time period so I can switch some out if I want to.
With this new plan I want to try to do 2 or 3 of the crock pot meals each week.  I also plan on making large batches of taco meat and freezing some and whatever else I can find to make in advance and freeze.  Honestly my goal is to lighten my load a bit.  If I can have 4 out of 7 meals ready in the freezer and just have to either stick it in the crock pot or the oven that makes my evenings a little less crazy.
I hope you will hang out with me though this month long (maybe longer) journey to try to create more time in my day!

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