Activewear USA review


  I have been trying really hard to get myself more motivated to work out..and what better to motivate yourself than a new pair of workout pants! 😉
I received some awesome knee length pants from Activewear USA.  The pants I received are 90% polyamide and 10% spandex and super comfortable!  
When I am working out I don’t have to worry about fixing my pants so they aren’t twisted.  They are easy to move in and very very soft!

Activewear USA has many different brands, and styles of pants to choose from!   I love the way their site is set up.  You can find what your looking for in so many searching brands, types of exercises you will be doing or by department.  They also offer swimwear, footwear, skirts and dresses and so many other things!  I could spend all day looking at the awesome products they have to offer!  I have added plenty of things from their site to my wish list dresses, shirts, shorts you name it its on my list!  My husband better watch out lol. 🙂  This is definitely the go to website when looking for something for the active woman in your life so be sure to check it out!  

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  1. Those are so cute.

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