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Speed Math Trainer HERE

Product Description

Build your confidence
Basic Math Training

See how you score in basic math in less than one minute, and start improving immediately with Speed Math Trainer. With practice and mental exercise, getting very good at math becomes easier, the ability to concentrate becomes stronger, and confidence builds. Increased confidence can then lead to success in life.

If you are weak in math skills, you will get a boost to your understanding and skill level. If you are already strong in math, you’ll GET STRONGER! The app shows your progress grapically, indicating your progress at any point during your training.

Does it take you several seconds to figure out the answers to 7+8, or 15-8? You don’t have to do the math, just act on intuition and memory. With this app you will memorize the answers to simple math like 7+8, 6 x 8, and 13-7. All you need is a spare minute of time for an exercise.

Great for everyone, from young children just beginning to learn math, to those trying to improve their mental math abilities.

  • Multiplication, addition, subtraction
  • Challenging and varied exercises
  • Get visual progress in graphs
  • Memorize answers to simple math problems
  • Compete with friends

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