I Thought I Was Losing My Mind!!

So last night my 3 year old Isaiah, came to me and said he couldn’t find Jude (my 2 year old).  So on the hunt we went to find him.   I looked in the boys room, in the bath room and in my room and he was no where to be found.  I went and searched the living room and kitchen..still No Jude!!  I searched all the closets in the tub I felt like I had looked EVERYWHERE!  Then I start to panic a bit, I’m not sure why I knew he couldn’t have gotten out side I was sitting right by the only door out.  The fact that I couldn’t find it just made me worry.  So I started calling his name…after yelling for him a few times I heard a little laugh coming from the boys room.

Here is where I found him:

Hiding under Isaiah’s bed!  🙂

I now know this is his new and favorite hiding spot and my first place to look when Isaiah can’t find him!
I’m not sure why this wasn’t a place I checked when I was looking I guess I just didn’t think he would climb under there and NOW I KNOW! 😉
Isaiah on top of his bed with Jude hiding underneath! 🙂

Do your kids have any interesting places they hide or hid when they were younger?

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  1. Elizabeth Duncan says

    I used to hide in between the basement ceiling and the living room floor, the window well in the basement had an opening in between the floors. I got the idea when I saw the cat do it luckily I was small and didn’t get stuck.

  2. HAHA when my son is trying to get away from me he crawls under his crib just as fast as he can! Kids are so darn funny

    • Amber,
      Isaiah used to do that when he was just starting to crawl..and he could only go backward so he would end up under the crib and I would hear him laughing..until he got frustrated because he couldn’t get out since he could only go backward. lol

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