Natures Sleep Slippers Review

     I was fortunate  enough to receive a pair of the blue open toe slippers by Nature’s Sleep. I was excited about receiving them. I haven’t worn slippers around the house in a long time.  Typically my feet get to hot in slippers so I can’t wear them for very long.    I was excited about these because they are more open and allow my feet to still breath and not get too hot.  They are the most comfortable slippers I have ever owned!   I tried on the slippers almost right after taking them out of the package.  I absolutely loved how they felt on my feet. They fit well, and seemed not tight, but just snug enough around the top of my feet.
Nature’s Sleep offers several types, and sized of their slippers.  They have choices from open toed or closed toed with colors such as Lavendar, Pale Blue, Mocha Brown, Blue, Pink or Sand.

Product Information:

The visco-elastic memory foam in the bottom of the sole contours and cradles your foot for luxurious comfort and support with each and every step. The warm, soft terry fabric ensures your feet stay cozy all year round.
  • High quality Genuine Nature’s Sleep Next Generation Memory Foam
  • Provides pressure relieving comfort all day long
  • Naturally conforms to your foot in cool comfort
  • Distributes weight to reduce pressure points and improve circulation
  • Ideal for indoor use on multiple surfaces
  • Attractive style and look


The opened toe slippers that I received for review can be purchased at Nature’s Sleep for $25.00.  The closed toe can be purchased at Nature’s Sleep for $30.
Along with super soft, comfortable slippers, Nature’s Sleep offers other great products to ensure that you have a delicious, restful night’s sleep- night after night! Be sure to check out their:

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