Pot O Gold Windsock Craft




Two Large Black Plastic Plate

Yellow Plastic Plate

Green Plastic Plate

Green, Red, Yellow and Blue Plastic Tablecloths

Heart Punch



Tacky Glue

8″ of Cord
Click here for printables, patterns and Templates 


We used plastic plates and tablecloth to make a project that can be displayed outside. You can substitute construction paper and crepe paper for an indoor decoration.


Cut strips from the tablecloths to make streamers. Print pattern for pot by clicking on the printables link above. Staple all around the outline to the bottom of black plastic plates.  You can probably double it and cut two at a time. Cut circles out of the yellow plastic plate. Trace around a small lid to make it easier. Glue coins in a bunch one of the pot pieces, extending above the top. Glue streamers hanging from the bottom.  Glue the second pot piece on top to sandwich the glued streamers between them. Glue on cord for hanging. Punch hearts out of the green plate and glue them to the pot arranging in a shamrock shape.

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