How to save money on GASOLINE!!

With gas prices rising these days we are all looking for ways to SAVE!
No matter what the price of gasoline is, there are several things you can do to cut your fuel costs — from finding alternative transportation to keeping up with your car maintenance to taking advantage discount programs.


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I can quickly and easily start this app up and see where the best place for gas is in my area.


* Keep your car in shape. Keep your air filter clean, be sure you have the correct amount of air in your tires and use the correct grade of motor oil. These help you get better gas mileage.

* Set your cruise control. Doing this will allow your vehicle to even out the acceleration and prevent surging on the gas pedal. Gasoline mileage will be improved by 5-15%

* Use the air conditioner when driving at high speeds. If you roll down the windows instead, the drag on your car cancels out any savings from not running the air conditioning. At low speeds or in stop-and-go traffic, opening the windows can reduce fuel use.

* Top off the air in the tires every few weeks to the car manufacturer’s recommended pressure. This is best done when the tires are cold (have not been driven on more than a mile or so) — it is proper for them to have a few psi higher pressure after extensive driving, but filling them hot should generally be avoided unless they are very low on air to avoid inaccuracy. Excessive pressure adds very little efficiency and can cause bad handling and uneven tire wear. Some gas stations, notably some Sheetz gas stations, have air pumps that are free to use and automatically inflate the tires to a pressure set on the pump. These are very convenient. (If an automatic pump seems to be adding an unexpectedly large amount of air, double-check its progress with a hand air gauge to avoid overfilling.

Check your air filter to ensure not clogged.  A clean air filter is yet another key to improve fuel economy and a way to save gasoline and increase your miles per gallon. Possible savings are up to $.35 per gallon

The time to purchase gas. The best time to purchase gas would be in the mornings before the price goes up. Retailers will change their prices in the afternoon after they get the current oil prices for that day. You can also buy gas anytime on the weekends cause the price normally will not change on the weekend. If the price is high you may want to wait till Monday afternoon. However, keep in mind the price can go up further. The best time to buy gas is in the morning before the price changes are rolled out for that day.

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