Self Image Issues



So I don’t usually do this but I want to let y’all in on one of my personal struggles…my self image issues. I know this is something many people struggle with and maybe together we can encourage and help each other.
There are many times I look at myself in the mirror and wonder what other people see when they look at me.  So many times when I meet people they look at me and say I look like I’m 16 years old.  I often get told that one day I’ll appreciate those comments.  Honestly, I want to say.. I’m a 28 year old WOMAN not a little girl.  BUT when I look in the mirror I don’t see the 28 year old woman I see a little girl.  I’m not sure how to get past this issue within myself but it is one I struggle with everyday. My goal right now is to try to fake it till I make it. Dress more professional like I want to feel. Maybe one day that will start to feel like me and less like I’m playing dress up.
Please feel free to share any of your personal struggles in the comments and together we can help one another to grow. 🙂

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  1. Jane Ritz says

    I went through the same thing in my younger years. Your looks will eventually catch up. I went after the “dress professionally” look. That helped some but not alot. Hold your head up, smile, show your confidence-even if you have to dig deep to find it. You CAN do it. If you need to hear it everyday-just let me know.

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