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wpid-C360_2014-03-07-18-21-15-061.jpg I was recently contacted by ShaveMOB and asked to do a product review.  I can’t say how happy I am that I said yes.
I received many different blades but I can tend to get a bit picky when it comes to my razors.  I don’t like to spend a lot of money but I like razors with 4 or more blades.  I want a nice smooth that will last me a two to three days.  Well I immediately opened one of the 6 blade razors called THE PERFECTIONIST with flex head.   It was perhaps the best shave ever!  My legs were smooth and soft for the next few days.  Two days after I actually shaved I made my husband rub my lower leg to feel how smooth it still was.
Now I honestly didn’t want to try any of the others because I loved the Perfectionist so much.   My husband actually used THE PRACTICAL the 3 blade razor to shave the back of his neck.  He said out of all my razors he has used this was one of the best!
I did switch to The Perfectionist with out flex head razor and it was almost just as great as the one with flex head.
For a 2 MONTH SUPPLY which is 1 HANDLE + 4 CARTRIDGES the cost is $12.99!
For a 6 MONTH SUPPLY which is 1 HANDLE + 12 CARTRIDGES the cost is $22.99!
For a 12 MONTH SUPPLY which is 1 HANDLE + 24 CARTRIDGES the cost is $39.99!
That is HUGE savings.  This is definitely where I will be getting my razors from now on.    If you would like to still get an AMAZING shave and save some money I suggest you check ShaveMOB out!  They have razors for men and women.


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  1. Our combination of price and quality is hard to beat. As a token of our appreciation, we wanted to extend an offer code to your audience! Enter code: INTHEMOB for $1 off order purchase on our website. Being part of a MOB never felt so rewarding.

  2. I have heard of this and was wondering what the razors would be like. they look like pretty good quality!

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