FREYA Skin Care Product Review

wpid-C360_2014-01-22-19-51-52-129.jpg About a week and a half ago I received Freya Artic Cleansing Water for a product review.    I am always looking for ways to clean the makeup off my face at night and NOT dry my skin out.  I have tried makeup remover pads and wipes but they just never seem to get my face really clean.  I was really excited to give the Artic Cleansing Water a try.
The first day I was surprised at how little of the product I had to use and how clean my skin felt!  Even my eye makeup came of easily.  I was a little skeptical on weather or not it would dry my skin out or make it feel oily.  I have VERY VERY combination skin.  Before using it my skin had been super dry because of the cold dry winter air..I was using face lotion 2 to 3 times a day which some days seemed my make my skin feel oily around the T zone (forehead, nose and chin)  Since using the Artic Cleansing Water I haven’t used lotion ONCE my skin isn’t dry and flaky and its not super oily its a perfect balance and SUPER SOFT!!
After using it every day for the past week and a half I am still in love with this product.  It is more expensive then any of the other face cleansers I’ve tried BUT I use such a small amount each day that it will last me a while.  This is definitely the ONLY face cleanser I will be using from now on.

Here is a little about the Freya company:

Harnessing over 30 years of skincare research and cutting-edge stem cell technology, the Freya philosophy combines advanced scientific knowledge with the unmatched purity of ingredients found in the pristine arctic climate of Scandinavia. The result: a uniquely formulated skincare line clinically proven to drastically reduce the signs of aging, rebuilding the skin’s delicate tissue and increasing skin vitality, suppleness, tone, and texture.


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