DIY Pizza Lunchable!

My kids love taking the pizza Lunchables to school for lunch but they are just so expensive.  I mean $1.69 for a little cheese and 3 little pizza crust crackers and a sauce packet and a few pepperoni if you get the pepperoni kind. That is $0.53 per pizza.


My husband and I were walking through Kroger and decided to find a way to make a healthier and less expensive version for our kids to take to school.
We found:
* Sandwhich thins for $ 1.79 each pack can make 16 little pizzas we got a white bread version and a whole wheat version
* Package pepperoni $3
* Package mozzarella cheese $ 7.49 for a 32oz bag
* Jar of spaghetti sauce $1.99 you can get a jar for as low was $1.29 but we went with the one with the least amount of sodium and sugars.
This totals up to $13.75 and will make a total of 32 little pizzas plus we will have plenty of cheese left for another 32 pizzas! That is $0.42 per pizza plus the extra chesse.


Homemade lunchable

My kids were so excited to take their homemade lunchables to school today!

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